Looking Back on Humanities Core

As the last weeks of Spring quarter fall upon us, we should take time to look back on how far we've come as individuals and scholars. Personally, my freshman year at UCI is rooted in the influences of Humanities Core. I can't imagine starting college without this course because of everything I have gained. Therefore,…Read more Looking Back on Humanities Core


Reheating the Leftovers of Existence

The idea of perspective resonates profoundly in Edward Said's essay, "The Politics of Knowledge". Throughout documented history, human civilization has shown to revolve around the shifting dynamics of existence. These human viewpoints are ever changing, as the familiar collides with the unfamiliar. As a result, divisions form between groups holding different ideologies. Conflict is therefore one predominant driving force for establishing the innumerable lenses by which…Read more Reheating the Leftovers of Existence